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Hello, my name is Maureen Vargas, but everyone calls me Mo! I have been very lucky to find a career that I am passionate about - the field of acupuncture and holistic medicine. It's an incredible reward to go to work each day and help people find relief to a spectrum of health issues. I've had a busy family practice for the last 17 years, providing compassionate care for patients of all ages. 

Can acupuncture help with your specific condition? I hope that the information provided on my website will answer that question; if not, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to provide a brief consultation via phone or email before you come in. I look forward to sharing in your happiness and health!

-Mo Vargas

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Acupuncture on Your Child?

Yes! Once they’ve tried it, most kids find that they love acupuncture!

Under my holistic method of pediatric care, I address everything from seasonal colds and flus to behavioral and emotional challenges to the ubiquitous growing pains of child and young adulthood. Acupuncture treatments are just the start: We'll also discuss lifestyle and nutritional changes that can really help.

Pediatric acupuncture is not only possible, my patients and their parents say they wouldn't want to ever go without it. Needle-free treatments like massage and acupressure are a good option for those who are squeamish. 

Follow my blog for recipes and more info on acupuncture for kids and teens.  

On making babies... 

I have been a fertility specialist for most of my acupuncture career, and I have helped hundreds of women achieve pregnancy. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already tried IVF and failed, acupuncture can help. In my acupuncture practice, my focus is on helping patients understand their lab reports and fertility challenges, then addressing specific issues as part of a whole-health approach. I’m constantly seeking new ways to improve patient outcomes from pre-conception to delivery, and I’m an active member of Norcal Fertility Group, a coalition of Chinese medicine practitioners with advanced training in reproductive care for men and women. 

Read more about how acupuncture addresses infertility on my blog, or scroll down and click on the first video to hear a client’s fertility success story first-hand. 


Pain Management & Autoimmune Disorders

I believe that every person has the right and the ability to live pain-free. With acupuncture, it’s possible. 

Traditional Chinese medicine — of which acupuncture is one modality — looks at pain and injury through a different lens than western doctors. That’s why acupuncture is often able to get results where others have failed. In most cases, I able to address the root of the issue through acupuncture — whether it’s stress, muscle weakness or chronic inflammation. 

Similarly, autoimmune disorders can be treated using acupuncture to calm the nervous system, restore the body and reduce inflammation. My patients and I work together to regulate the immune system through nutrition, acupuncture and herbal treatments. 

Whether you suffer from a chronic autoimmune disorder or are simply dealing with the “normal” aches and pains of life, come see me. In my practice, I have successfully treated everything from back pain to Lupus, IBS, arthritis and other debilitating conditions. 


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Come see me! 

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If there's a motivating force in my life, it's to help others feel good.

And that's exactly what inspired me to co-author my book Feng Shui Your Mind.  In it, we offer a lighthearted approach to mindfulness by taking Feng Shui to an entirely new level -- to the mind itself.  

We like to challenge the belief that stress is inevitable in order to get ahead in life and offer a simple process to rapidly transform anything that gets in the way. You can quickly learn proven techniques to use the least amount of energy to generate maximum success!