Get Pain Off Your Back

You’re out on an epic road ride in the Santa Cruz mountains when you go over a rock, your back arches the wrong way, and suddenly you’re in a world of hurt. 

Or maybe you just had a long week at the office, and by Sunday night, your shoulders still have not unwound. 

Too many people people — even in a happy place like Santa Cruz — accept that they should just “live with” this kind of pain, or restrict our activities to avoid it. 

“I must be getting old,” is the refrain I hear too often when people tell me their back is bothering them — as if by simply having birthdays we are inviting chronic back pain. In fact, 8 out of 10 of adults in America will experience back pain at some point in their lives, most of which, from an acupuncture point of view, is avoidable.

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Our backs are the #1 place most of us carry our stress, and that stress often takes the form of muscle tension. When muscles are tense, they can’t function properly, and that’s when injuries can happen from seemingly innocuous activities like sitting too long, riding our bikes, or picking up toys from the floor at the end of the day! 

Another source of back pain I see a lot of here in Santa Cruz is an exercise regimen that isn’t quite right for one’s body. This place is an athlete’s dream — we have a paradise to run, bike, swim and climb, right outside our door! Unfortunately, some activities can trigger the same back, shoulder or neck pain again and again, a pattern we usually refer to as a sports injury.

Why is acupuncture so great for pain related to sports injuries and other back issues? It works on multiple levels. First, I travel along the body's meridians to target the muscles of the back from multiple, strategic points. Most people feel a sense of relaxation immediately, and over the course of several treatments, their bodies can reset themselves and learn to function normally again. 

As a sports injury and movement specialist, I can help you troubleshoot your routines and get you back to doing the things you love, safely. I look at posture and overall health as contributing factors, and make recommendations that will have you moving more easily after your very first visit.

Are you ready to live a pain-free life and heal your lumbar spine, mid-back, shoulders or neck? Come see me for a fun and relaxing treatment. My goal is to give you both immediate relief and long-term solutions so that you don’t have to fear your next birthday. 


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